Bonus Code Offered By Slot Magic Today

The bonus code of this royal casino is MAGIC. With the registration, you will get incredible rewards with 100% up to $/€/£100 + 50 Free Spins. You can enjoy no. of games available in different languages with amazing bonuses and promotional offers.

Who can all enjoy this offer?

All the gamers from Europe, Canada, and the United Kingdom can enjoy the benefits of this game. Adding to it you must be an adult to play it and avail the bonus code. You can select from a huge lot of games, which is available in your native language. As the three hundreds of games available which you can enjoy playing. In addition, with the availability of the game in no. of languages, it will become very easy to understand the game and avail all the offers available.

What is the process to avail the bonus code?

All of you must be waiting to know the real procedure to avail the bonus offers and enjoy the benefit of it. So, here is the complete process to get to know more about it:

Bonus Code Offered By Slot Magic

Starting with the basics:

First, you need to Google your website to get information on available games and offers. You will find all the attractive offers, which are available now. However, you cannot directly redeem these offers you have to follow the simple registration steps.

Sign up yourself:

For starting any game here, you must have logged in to play and avail all the bonus offers. For this you need to sign up to the website for that, you will require email id, password, birth details. You must have some debit card/ credit card and many other online payment options to make the payment.

Now here comes the final step:

For starting up with gaming, you have to deposit at least $/€ 20 with respective bonus code of the game. With this deposit, you can enjoy the benefits of given offers. After that, you will get 100% bonus up to €100. You will get spins instantly after the deposit so you can start your gaming.

Adding to it you will be awarded some free spins regularly which will be time-limited. There will be certain terms and conditions with every game, which you must take, care of before playing the game.

Only for 18+

Only the adults are given the opportunity to play these games. No kids allowed, as this doesn’t match their terms and conditions. You must read all the terms and conditions carefully before actually start betting. The condition, which is of utmost importance, is that you must be an adult. This is not a right place for you if are below18 years of age.

Slot Magic with Magic Bonus Code

For this as evidence that you are not a minor, some of your documents are required. This is strictly as a proof to restrict the children from using this website. The documents for proof include:

Identity Proof Required

You need to submit a copy of your passport as a proof of your age.

Copy of driving license is also required.

Copy of an official Identity card is also proof of age.

Vital terms and conditions of playing this game:

First of all a deposit of $/€ 50 is required to begin the game. Without the deposit, you cannot start the game. Immediately after the deposit, you will get 100% up to $/€/£100 + 50 Free Spin. On this free spin provided, there will be no wagering. Maximum cashout you can go for is only 10000 every 30 days.

The player must be over 18 years of age otherwise access to the game will be illegal. For this purpose, one needs to submit certain important documents.

While certain countries have access to these games, certain others are not allowed to play these games. List of all such countries are updated timely. One must check the daily updates on the website to keep up to date.

Some more of those Terms and Conditions!

You will have two options to play in real mode or practice mode. The real mode wagers real money whereas the practice mode doesn’t need real money. A player is recommended, to start with practice mode to understand the game carefully before actually wagering real money.

Every game comes with certain rules and regulations, which every player needs to follow for proper playing procedure.

Hope you have a great time playing casino!

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